Literacy Consultant

Learn the importance of rigorous ELA Literacy Training and
Common Core Instructional Strategy Training with New Lens Literacy Group of Chicago, IL.

Literacy Consultant

Literacy Consultant | New Lens Literacy Group - Chicago, IL

The New Lens Literacy Group provides highly effective training, coaching, and consultant services to enhance teaching and student literacy learning. Focused on the professional development of education professionals in grades Pre-K-12, we utilize data and feedback from leadership teams to support school action plans and build the capacity of teachers and literacy coaches of Chicago, IL and beyond.

The collective aim of Common Core and the role of the New Lens Literacy Group is to ensure that each and every child becomes not just a reader and writer, but also an enthusiastic and engaged participant in literacy from an early age. By pairing each school with an experienced literacy consultant with many years of ELA expertise and advisory work to his or her credit, our staff will prove its track record in training which leads to enhance teacher understanding and student growth.

How does the New Lens Literacy Group promote and improve literacy? As a professional development training resource, we offer courses on a per-day basis. A wide range of professional development training topics are covered, such as Guided Reading, Literacy Coaching 101, Development of SMART Goals and Interventions for Elementary and Adolescent Learners, and Differentiated Instruction.

The following course are offered to school districts addressing Common Core State Standards in ELA courses: Boosting Student Academic Vocabulary, Close Reading of Non-Fiction and Fiction Text, Enhancing Student Engagement and Analysis of Complex Text through Literature Circles, Understanding the teaching shifts in Common Core State Standards. Each can be explained further when establishing your schools/schools districts training and coaching plan that supports your action plan for the school year.

To learn more about the New Lens Literacy Group’s role in preparing for the PARCC Assessment by providing training to teachers and literacy coaches we encourage education professionals to contact our friendly staff today. Do not hesitate to call!