Instructional Coaching

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Instructional Coaching

Instructional Coaching | New Lens Literacy Group - Chicago, IL

One of the most successful services provided by New Lens Literacy Group is instructional coaching. This established professional practice has helped literacy coaches and teachers, and ultimately students, all across Chicago, IL and beyond. To align ELA instruction with Common Core Standards and achieve significant growth with all student groups, it is highly recommended that teachers engage in instructional coaching.

In many professions in the United States, practitioners seek the wise counsel and hands-on assistance of their experienced colleagues. No matter how formal the relationship, these colleagues are providing instructional coaching. In some professions, coaching is essential to mastering the requisite skills—take medicine, for example, where residencies and internships are standard practice.

Today, the education profession is beginning to see the value in instructional coaching as a key strategy in building teacher expertise. This, of course, results in higher student achievement and an advancement in education school reform nationally.

What does New Lens Literacy Group instructional coaching entail? It gives teachers an opportunity to receive feedback on a lesson or watch an experienced literacy consultant model effective strategies for addressing Common Core Standards. No more than four people are involved: an administrator, the literacy coach, the classroom teacher, and the New Lens Literacy Coach Consultant. Sometimes, consultants can support a team of teachers, for example a team of teachers can watch a consultant model a specific strategy, but regardless of the number of participants, each teacher receives guidance and support with providing rigorous instruction and support to all students.

Instructional coaches focus on practical strategies and discuss how to engage students and improve student learning. Professional development activities support coaching efforts.

While all training services provided by New Lens Literacy Group are effective and beneficial, instructional coaching is viewed as the most useful for building educator capacity and sustaining high achievement results. It reflects the growing consensus about what constitutes high quality professional development in education— direct classroom support and development of teachers. This job-embedded practice is critical to addressing the challenges that teachers face in meeting the needs of all students on a day-to-day basis.

To discover the benefits of instructional coaching for your school or district, please speak with a representative from the New Lens Literacy Group today!