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Common Core Consultant

Common Core Consultant | New Lens Literacy Group - Chicago, IL

With all the buzz about Common Core Standards, the amount of information, both accurate and inaccurate, can be understandably overwhelming. Many schools and educational institutions feel that they require additional information as to what they encompass. As a Common Core Consultant, the New Lens Literacy Group is proud to provide professional development and Common Core training to the Chicago, IL area and beyond.

What are the Common Core Standards? The best way to describe them is to explain the behaviors of students who meet them. Students who meet Common Core Standards:

• Engage—Students are able to attentively read, understand, and enjoy complex literature.

• Select—Students carefully select critical reading from the vast amount of information available both in print and digitally.

• Seek—Students seek out challenging, thoughtful, high-quality literary and informational texts. Students utilize complex text to build knowledge, develop sophisticated vocabulary, broaden their worldviews, and engage in rich discussions and authentic writing throughout their lives.

• Reflect—Students are able to demonstrate reflective and reasoning skills through analysis of complex text and rich discussion with peers and others.

At New Lens Literacy Group, we are committed to becoming an essential member of your leadership team and supporting Common Core Initiatives through Common Core training and high quality instructional coaching. Our engaging consultants and facilitators are ready to support schools/school districts with preparing students for the PARCC Assessment.

Teachers who work with a Common Core Consultant will be able to create units and lessons to address ELA CCSS, deliver rigorous ELA instruction, support struggling learners with accessing complex text, differentiate instruction to address student’s specific learning needs and more—all in line with Common Core Standards.

To start with a Common Core Consultant, get in touch with a New Lens Literacy Group representative today. Our Core Training will build teacher and leaders capacity for preparing students for Common Core and the PARCC Assessment.