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About New Lens Literacy Group

About Us | New Lens Literacy Group - Chicago, IL

Located in Countryside, IL and serving the greater Chicago, IL and beyond, the New Lens Literacy Group (NLLG) is a Pre-K-12 literacy consulting firm that partners with schools to improve literacy outcomes for students through high quality professional development and instructional coaching. Our high quality instructional coaching and professional development services are provided by consultants who have stayed abreast of education reform efforts and received specialized training to effectively serve our clients.

Avoid hit or miss instruction in your school/school district by allowing New Lens Literacy Group consultants to share instructional shifts and strategies that are sure to prepare educators for addressing Common Core State Standards and preparing all students for the PARCC Assessment. Instructional coaching has been shown to significantly increase an educator’s chance of providing effective English/Language Arts instruction K-12.

It is time to talk with the New Lens Literacy Group about supporting your school/school districts action plan for delivering unprecedented results in student achievement. Your data will be used to customize an instructional coaching plan that provides greater support to your staff, improving their ability to meet the needs of diverse learners.