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Literacy Consultant

Literacy Consultant | New Lens Literacy Group - Chicago, IL

The New Lens Literacy Group provides highly effective training, coaching, and consultant services to enhance teaching and student literacy learning.

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Common Core Consultant

Common Core Consultant | New Lens Literacy Group - Chicago, IL

With all the buzz about Common Core Standards, the amount of information, both accurate and inaccurate, can be understandably overwhelming.

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Instructional Coaching

Instructional Coaching | New Lens Literacy Group - Chicago, IL,IL

One of the most successful services provided by New Lens Literacy Group is instructional coaching. This established professional practice has...

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Welcome To New Lens Literacy Group

The New Lens Literacy Group (NLLG) provides professional development literacy services for teachers and education professionals in the Chicago, IL area and beyond. To successfully make the transition to Common Core State Standards, teachers require quality professional development. Our Common Core training requires educators to become more intentional in the delivery of English Language Arts instruction and increase rigor in order to truly prepare students to meet College and Career Standards. Educators become skilled at effective use of data, lesson design, and ELA instructional delivery for all learners. Students become skilled at asking and answering higher order thinking questions, developing academic vocabulary, and engaging in rich discussion about non-fiction and fiction complex text.

The New Lens Literacy Group is a Pre-K through 12 literacy consulting firm. By partnering with schools/school districts, we work to build teacher and literacy coaches capacity to improve student’s literacy learning. Our high-quality professional development and on-going instructional coaching delivered by highly trained, consultants who have extensive knowledge in curriculum planning, ELA instruction, literacy interventions, Common Core training, and Common Core State Standards will provide educators with the tools needed to help all students succeed.

Today, more than ever, teachers are expected to show growth with all student groups. New Lens Literacy Group is committed to helping schools/school districts operate more efficient through Common Core training and coaching that target effective use of data and enhance ELA teaching and learning. New Lens Literacy Group partners report better teaching, increased student engagement in learning, and immediate gains in student achievement and teacher morale. New Lens Literacy Group provides the finest support to educators, addressing the practical challenges that educators face today.

To learn more about the New Lens Literacy Group, contact our helpful staff today to discuss upcoming Literacy and Common Core training and to learn about our customized instructional coaching packages.

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