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Literacy Consultant

Literacy Consultant | New Lens Literacy Group - Chicago, IL

The New Lens Literacy Group provides highly effective training, coaching, and consultant services to enhance teaching and student literacy learning.

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Common Core Consultant

Common Core Consultant | New Lens Literacy Group - Chicago, IL

With all the buzz about Common Core Standards, the amount of information, both accurate and inaccurate, can be understandably overwhelming.

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Instructional Coaching

Instructional Coaching | New Lens Literacy Group - Chicago, IL,IL

One of the most successful services provided by New Lens Literacy Group is instructional coaching. This established professional practice has...

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Welcome To New Lens Literacy Group

The New Lens Literacy Group (NLLG) provides professional leadership development and education consultant services for teachers and education professionals in the Orlando, FL area and beyond. Our mission is to enhance the client’s ability to respond to a critical need and heighten awareness of change management approaches through teaming, collaborative problem solving, research and evaluation, training and development, and consultation. We help schools and other organization get a pulse on what’s working well so that we can scale up those practices as well as identify areas of improvement and evidence-based interventions to put in place to improvement the organizational culture and achievement of the desired outcomes.

Today, more than ever, education leaders and teachers are expected to show growth with all student groups. New Lens Literacy Group is committed to helping schools/school districts manage change, develop a leadership framework that includes equity and diversity, monitoring of key initiatives, opportunities for staff to develop cultural competence and greater sensitivity to the stress and trauma experienced by many students today.

Additional services include developing communities of practice to build trust and a shared vision for initiatives, building instructional leadership for school leaders, training for school coaches/facilitators, implementation and monitoring of curriculum with a focus on rigor, relevance, engagement, and effective use of technology, establishment of effective home-school-community partnerships to ensure clear communication and specialized supports for families, integration of social and emotional learning and instructional approaches, data collection and research of best practices that lead to improved education systems and practices that support all students being prepared for college and beyond.

To learn more about the New Lens Literacy Group, contact our helpful staff today to discuss upcoming training and to learn about our customized instructional coaching packages.

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